Virtuosity Arias

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This record is a valuable expression of Ivanna Speranza’s unique vocal quality, as well as her personality and singing technique. The best fitting definition of her voice is a lyric coloratura soprano and this notion always guided her in the selection of operatic roles. However, if you venture to look beyond the unbending grid of voice-type categorizing, you might discover that Ivanna’s voice is in fact a stunningly powerful and versatile instrument. A dark, complex timbre matches a large extension, rich harmonics and flawless coloratura. This uncommon mix opens up whole new vistas in terms of repertoire, hinting at the possibility for Ivanna to sing roles for Dramatic Coloratura Soprano.

The arias in this album reflect this charmingly complex texture, as well as the artist’s passionate temperament. Ivanna’s singing conveys the overwhelming intensity of her heroines’ spirit, from Lucia di Lammermoor to Anne Boleyn, from Elena to Violetta.

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